Below are some of the incredible fundraisers that took place during March – thank you and well done to everyone who raised vital funds for our patients!

And the Pastel Pixies

Our lovely supporters at CherryTree Productions chose to support us with their retiring collection at their latest performance, And the Pastel Pixies. It was a great evening, with very talented actors bringing to life the story of Roxy, a young singer who unfortunately passes away due to an accidental overdose. Guests had a wonderful time and were very generous with their donations after the show. Thank you CherryTree productions for supporting us!

Aldworth School Careers Fair

We were invited to attend the Aldworth School Careers Fair in March, where we had the opportunity to talk to the students about the different careers in the charity sector and what qualifications and experience they would need to work for a charity. The students asked a lot of questions about the different jobs they could do, and many of them recognised the Hospice from our charity shops. It really helped to open the students eyes to how many different jobs it takes to run a charity and helped give them other ideas of careers that they can do when they leave school.

Evita by the Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society

The wonderful Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society chose to support St. Michael’s Hospice with their retiring collection at their performances of Evita at the Haymarket. The very talented cast put on a wonderful show, bringing to life all the characters and defiantly inspired the audience to be generous with their donations, raising a wonderful £373 for the Hospice.

The Clere School Careers Fair

We were invited to attend The Clere School’s careers fair to show their students the different roles you can do in the charity sector. Students were very engaged and asked lots of questions, not just about career paths but also how they can support the Hospice. They were excited to learn about different career paths that followed their favourite subjects, such as physiotherapy if they’re passionate about sport. They were also keen to learn that they can volunteer in our shops from the age of 14, with many students going home to see which of our stores is closest to them.