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Gifts in Wills

Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to remember the causes you care about, and is a much appreciated source of income to St. Michael’s Hospice. In 2018/19, only 17% of our total income was from legacies, compared to an average 23% of income received by other UK Hospices.

Leave a legacy

Whilst people, understandably, do not like to think of their own passing, it is very important that everyone has a valid will to ensure that money, property and possessions are distributed in the way that was intended and that loved ones are provided for. It is also important for you to update your will as soon as your personal circumstances change.

People have many different reasons for leaving a gift in their will to St. Michael’s Hospice. One of our supporters kindly shared his reasons with us:

“I have decided to leave a gift in my will to St. Michael’s Hospice because my wife was cared for there. I don’t suppose it was cheap and it came as a surprise to find out how much it relied on charity. She knew she was dying (better than anyone) and on arrival at the Hospice, she visibly relaxed, confident that she would be looked after.”

Anyone can leave a gift in their will to St. Michael’s Hospice. Whatever amount you are able to give, it all makes a difference and goes a long way to helping future generations within our community.