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Hospice Myths

We are working to dispel misconceptions about what it’s like to work in a hospice. Here are a few commonly held myths that we would like to bust!

Hospices are where you go to die


Nearly half of patients admitted to the hospice return home.

A patient may require Hospice admission at various stages of their illness. It may be for rehabilitation after treatment or to control complex symptoms. The length of stay at St. Michael’s will vary, it may only be for a few days, after which time the patient may go home or to another care setting.

You can read our staff testimonials for more information about working in a hospice.

All patients in hospices are elderly


50% of our patients are under 65.

The below film from Hospice UK provides further insight into what hospice care is and how patients are supported. You can also read Sarah’s story here about the care her husband Steve, who was 48 received.

Nursing in hospices is just about providing comfort


Hospice nursing involves more than just providing vital pain relief and is complex and multidisciplinary medicine.

Watch the below short video from Hospice UK to find out more about working in hospice care.


Hospices are for people with cancer


In fact, 1 in 5 of our patients have other life limiting conditions and our therapy teams work with many of those from the earliest days of their diagnosis.

Read more about our therapy teams work here.

People in hospices are always sad


We offer patients the opportunity to live a fulfilled and enjoyable life with an emphasis on making the most of the time available to them, in an environment which is friendly and comfortable.

Find out more from our IPU Nurse Kathy about the warm and friendly working environment at St. Michael’s.

Find out more about nursing at St. Michael's Hospice from our Bank Nurse, Kathy

Opportunities at St. Michael's Hospice

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