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Medical team

Our medical team consists of a number of highly respected physicians. They are responsible for the care of patients within the Hospice and work alongside other members of our multi-disciplinary team to ensure that patients receive the highest quality, evidence-based care. In-Patients at St. Michael’s Hospice receive multiple visits each day. The frequency and length of these visits is based on every patients’ individual circumstances and will naturally vary between cases.

Medical Director

Dr Jemma Storrar



Dr Nicola Loveday

Dr Tracey Platt

Dr Anna Wilkinson


Speciality Doctors

Dr Jessica Walding

Dr Rachel McDonald

Dr Katie Wadsworth

Dr Emily Price

Dr Nicola Wingate

Dr Stephanie Hakim

Dr Rebecca Williams


Communication is vital to the overall well-being of the patient.  It is for this reason that the medical team interacts regularly with patients’ families to ensure full transparency of the care provided and can offer answers to any questions that they may have. The medical team also works closely with our Hospice at Home team and our outpatient clinics to ensure that all patients receive the same high standard of medical care.

In addition to seeing patients in the Hospice, the consultants provide specialist palliative care to patients at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, as well as in the wider communities of north and mid-Hampshire.

St. Michael’s works alongside the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust Palliative Care Service (HHPCS). Please click here for more information about HHPCS.

How to contact the medical team:

If you wish to contact the medical team, please call our Hub phone number 01256 848863.