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Care in the Hospice

St. Michael’s Hospice In-Patient Unit provides the best possible care for patients living with life-limiting illness. Your end-of-life care and support matters to us and we’re here for you every step of the way.

In-Patient Care

We offer patients the opportunity to live a fulfilled and enjoyable life with an emphasis on making the most of the time available to them. The process of understanding, controlling and monitoring a patient’s symptoms requires a great deal of expert clinical knowledge and, as the only Hospice in North Hampshire, we are privileged to provide this.

A patient may require Hospice admission at various stages of their illness. It may be for rehabilitation after treatment or to control complex symptoms. The length of stay at St. Michael’s will vary, it may only be for a few days, after which time the patient may go home or to another care setting.

St. Michael’s Hospice In-Patient Unit consists of ten, individual-bedded, ensuite rooms with a sophisticated nurse call system throughout. All rooms are comfortably furnished to a high standard and it is our aim to create a homely atmosphere with easy access to our garden areas and Labyrinth path.

Lisa Gee

As soon as Mum was admitted to the Hospice she felt comfortable. The staff were a fantastic support, kind, respectful and considerate. They made such a heartbreaking time as warm and calm as possible. We were truly humbled by the care, compassion, dignity and grace they provided.

Zara Gee

Supporting the ‘whole person’

The Hospice provides more than just medical care. It is our belief that a person’s complete needs must be considered if they are to receive the best possible care. Fulfilling a person’s complete needs must include psychological and social support on top of the best medical care. The Hospice will do everything in its power to try to help with all of these aspects: it is only when we are able to support all a patient’s needs, that we are able to help them maximise their time available to lead a fulfilled life.

We help as much as we can.  This may mean liaising between patients, carers and healthcare professionals, or maybe co-ordinating a care package so there is less to worry about. Our care is always individual, based around patients’ specific needs.

St. Michael’s Hospice does not offer long-term admissions. With just ten beds to support the whole of North Hampshire, we have to focus on providing short stays when they are most needed.  Due to the limitations placed on us by the demand for our service, we are unable to offer respite care.

Staying on the IPU – a video

Please watch the video where Charge Nurse Rahual Chanan talks about the care we give on our inpatient unit.

Charge Nurse Rahual Chanan talks about our inpatient unit


Getting admitted to any of the Hospice’s services normally comes by referral from a medical professional: usually your GP, hospital consultant or Macmillan nurse. Those seeking referral should discuss this with their doctor or other medical professional.