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We sell a wide range of items for your home and family in our charity shops so whether you’re looking for a unique vintage item, a new outfit, a bargain on kids toys, to recycle your items or some furniture for a new flat, we have all the information you need on these pages.

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We have new items arriving every day and all our stores keep the shelves stocked with great finds to match every style. We have 10 stores as well as our Furniture Store so there is bound to be one near you.

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Help us support sustainability by donating to our stores

Donating the things you don’t need any more so that someone else can get more use out them is an important part of reduce, reuse and recycle and brings in vital income to our Hospice. Donating to our stores is easy, just check the links below for details on what we can accept and how to bring it along. Please note that staff reserve the right at any time to refuse donations due to saleability, size, safety, capacity issues.

How to donate

Great furniture at reasonable prices

Our large furniture store in Chineham stocks a wide range of tables, beds, sofas, chairs and even televisions. Keep an eye on their popular Facebook page for the latest stock and drop them a message there if you want to enquire about any of the items you see.

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