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PRIDE of St. Michael's Hospice Awards

In February 2022, St. Michael’s Hospice launched its PRIDE awards.

The awards have been introduced to recognise those members of staff who have demonstrated the core vision and values of the organisation which focus on People, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, PRIDE. You can read more about St. Michael’s Hospice’s Vision and Values here.

They are a celebration of those times where staff go above and beyond in their roles, supporting team members and our patients and families. The life of St. Michael’s is made of so many extraordinary moments of dedication and humanity, these awards are here to shine a light on those and to illustrate the pride all staff have in this organisation and the roles they play in its success.

How does it work

  • Staff are nominated by filling in the form below, emailing HR at or by filling in one of the cards available around the Hospice and dropping it in the sealed box at reception. The nomination cards are also available in our stores and can be handed into staff to pass to HR.
  • All staff who are nominated will be informed by email with the text from the nomination.
  • Everyone nominated will be listed below to celebrate their achievement.
  • Once a month, the Senior Leadership Team will review all the nominations and select a monthly winner.
  • The winner will receive a certificate, badge and Amazon gift certificate acknowledging their contribution to the values of the organisation.
  • Every year, one winner will be chosen from the 12 monthly winners.

Previous Winners

March Winner: Paul Upson for his support for staff in a number of areas. Paul was nominated 3 separate times.

February winner: Sarah Keeling was nominated twice for going above and beyond to support the community hub due to sickness.

January Winner: Ellie Morgan was nominated for her outstanding patient care, as nominated by relatives. Ellie was actually nominated 3 separate times.

Previous Nominees

March nominees

  • Prue Butler
  • Chris Griffiths
  • Val Dowd
  • Chloe Clark
  • Paul Upson
  • Nina Walsh
  • Jill Buxton
  • Maria Sagnella
  • Ann Bradshaw
  • Rahul Channan
  • Lizzie Edwards

January and February nominees

  • Jill Buxton
  • Nina Walsh
  • Ellie Morgan
  • Joanne Hatherly
  • Tracy Sandle
  • Ann Schuster
  • Rahul Chanan
  • Claire Irving
  • Louisa Andrews
  • Sarah Keeling
  • Lucy Whyle
  • Lizzie Edwards
  • Sarah Sopp
  • Emma Green
  • Helen Woolley
  • Dana Elliman
  • Gail Harrison
  • Steph Drummond
  • Wayne Lobb
  • Katerina Rohonkova

Nomination Form

The person I am nominating is:
PRIDE Values
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The text of your nomination will appear on our website and our social media. Are you happy for us to include your name as well?*
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