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Make a tribute in memory of a loved one

Setting up a tribute page in memory of a loved one is a special way to pay tribute and remember them.

Our personal favourite is Much Loved. Much Loved lets you personalise your page with pictures, messages, memories, light virtual candles and make donations to a charity that was special to them or you as a family or community.

Whether you’re setting up a tribute page as part of a funeral notice, creating a memorial or making a tribute page, Much Loved is a simple way to pay tribute to someone special, while helping a charity.

Tribute page

Set up a tribute page for a loved one and share with your friends and family.

Set up a tribute page here


Funeral notice page

Make a funeral notice tribute page for someone special, and help your friends and family share their memories and dedications. They can also make donations to St. Michael’s Hospice on this page.

Set up a funeral notice tribute


Find a loved one’s page

If you know someone already as a tribute page set up, you can find their page and make a dedication.

Search for a tribute


Much Loved also allows Gift Aid to be added to donations and we receive the funds automatically – making their donations go even further.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact the fundraising team at

You may also consider creating a JustGiving page in memory of a loved one and to fundraise for St. Michael’s. Please click here to visit their website.