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We work very closely as a specialised team of therapists offering Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy to people throughout the hospice services as detailed below.


As specialist physiotherapists in palliative care, we work with other members of the palliative care team aiming to help patients manage their symptoms better, optimise their independence, and quality of life. Physiotherapy can support you by offering individual assessment and advice on many matters, including breathlessness, exercise and balance, mobility assessments, and providing mobility aids, as well as much more. We can support you in maintaining and improving strength and balance by providing personalised exercises to complete yourself or complete with support from family and carers, at home, on the in-patient unit (IPU), as an outpatient in our gym, or within a group setting.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) aims to optimise independence and quality of life by helping people prolong their ability to manage activities of daily living. OTs assist patients to adjust to a changed level of strength and routine by supporting them, their carers and families with these changes.

Occupational Therapy on the St. Michael’s Hospice In-Patient Unit (IPU)
  • Assess moving and handling
  • Assess mobility and transfers
  • Discharge planning including home assessment to help with adjustment of routines to enable patients to be able to return home
  • Breathlessness and anxiety management
Occupational Therapy Living Well Services
  • Individual assessments and advice on adapting to changed abilities due to the impact of illness
  • Sessions with or without Physiotherapy colleagues covering; the management of fatigue, falls, breathlessness and anxiety
  • We run a Creative Workshop once a week, which is a place where patients say they can be themselves and forget about their worries for a while. It is a happy environment and an opportunity to take up a new hobby or learn a craft. The group enjoy supporting each other with their skills and knowledge of craft.
Occupational Therapy Out Patient Services

Out patient services are also provided and include:

  • individual assessments and advice on adapting to changed abilities due to the impact of illness
  • management of fatigue
  • virtual information sessions with physiotherapy colleagues covering subjects such as mindfulness, falls and exercise and managing fatigue and breathlessness
Occupational Therapy out in the community

The team also support the community by providing:

  • Assessment and advice to patients and their families on mobility and transfers
  • Assessment of seating and positioning
  • Advice and support to people making difficult decisions related to future deterioration in ability, for instance, one-level living.
  • We can advise and prescribe equipment after a thorough assessment to enable you to maintain your independence and live well at home.

Motor Neurone Disease Clinics

The therapy team hold monthly Motor Neurone Disease Clinics at the Hospice. Too find out more about these, please watch the short video and get in touch at the details below if you have any questions at all.