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Help ensure continued care for families in your community

It may come as a surprise, but only 16% of our funding comes from the government. End-of-life care is an essential service, not a luxury, yet it is not funded like other care services. As a charity, we depend on the kindness of supporters like you to help us raise the additional £15,000 a day needed to keep our services running.

The reality is stark: without the support of our local community, St. Michael’s Hospice may not be here for everyone who needs us.

We are seeing more patients, and their families turn to us for support, pain management, and end-of-life care within our Hospice in Basingstoke and in homes across North Hampshire. But our funds are stretched due to the current cost of living crisis, high fuel and energy costs, and high inflation rates, combined with over 15 years of below inflation increases to our government NHS funding. These external factors beyond our control mean we expect our costs this year to be almost £600,000 more than our income.

To ensure we can care for every person who needs us, we need your generosity more than ever. Please help us close the funding gap.

Donate to our Urgent Care Appeal


We provide support to people in our community during their most vulnerable times. This support is not just for those at the end of their lives but also for their family and friends. You may already support us because you know of someone who has received care from St. Michael’s Hospice, or you may have experienced it while caring for a loved one and know how vital end-of-life care is to all involved. Your support will help us ensure we can always be there for those who need us. 

  • A gift of £36.42 could help fund a bereavement counselling session for a patient’s loved one.
  • A gift of £99.30 could help fund five hours of specialist nursing care
  • A gift of £350 could help fund ten hours care from one of our Hospice at Home nurses, who visit patients who have chosen to spend their last days at home.

Our community needs us. Local families need us. One day, you or someone you love might need us.

Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated. Your generosity will ensure that individuals and their families going through the most challenging times can continue receiving the care they deserve. Together, we can ensure that St. Michael’s Hospice continues to provide specialised care well into the future.

Donate to our Urgent Care Appeal

Messages of Support Tree

Alongside our Urgent Appeal, we asked you, our supporters, to send back messages of support to the staff, volunteers, families and patients here at the Hospice and out in the community.