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Sponsor a Nurse

Will you sponsor a St. Michael’s nurse and help us to continue delivering our vital care and support to our patients and their families around North Hampshire?

Our nurses provide specialist care to our patients at our Hospice in-patient unit and out in the community 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

By sponsoring a nurse, you will be helping to ensure our wonderful nurses are able to provide palliative care for our patients and support their loved ones at a time when they need it most

Nurses like Jo and Maddie…

Caring for patients in our community

Caring for people and their families at home during their last days is an absolute privilege. Getting to know our patients, in the comfort of their own homes, is essential to us in our holistic assessment and management of complex symptoms. The beauty in learning the patient’s life story is the ability to support them and their families at such an emotional time, which makes this job so fulfilling.

Maddie, Senior Staff Nurse, Hospice at Home

Caring for patients at our Hospice

The role of a good hospice nurse is making a meaningful difference to people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable. It's no longer about fixing or curing people, but guiding patients and their families through the difficult time of coming to terms with end of life. It’s a huge privilege!

Jo, Senior Staff Nurse, In Patient Unit

Nursing care that makes a big difference

To all the staff at St. Michael’s Hospice, we wish to say a million thank yous to you all for the love, genuine kindness and compassion you showed us all during such a difficult time for our family. Our Dad was surrounded by so much love, peace and acts of kindness, with gentle hand massages and soothing voices. You made sure that our Dad’s final days were less about the pain and illness but so much more about love, dignity, peace and comfort. We are forever grateful for this. Thank you also for the endless support to our family, the endless cups of tea, kind words and shoulders to cry on. We think you are all angels in disguise and will never forget St. Michael’s Hospice.

Family member of a St. Michael's Hospice patient

In return for your sponsorship, you'll receive:

  • A welcome email from one of our nurses
  • Regular updates about how your donation is helping our Hospice and stories about the amazing work our nurses do



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