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Our story

St. Michael’s Hospice was opened in 1992 by a committee led by former Mayor, Margaret Weston. Their mission was simple, to offer a choice and understanding of complex conditions in the dying.

Over 30 years later and caring for over 500 patients a year across the community, St. Michael’s leads the provision of the highest quality palliative care throughout North Hampshire and offers more choice than ever. The spirit, ambition and drive presented by the founding committee continue in our staff to this day and remain at the heart of all our work.

Our Emblem

The Snow Goose, our chosen emblem, is often seen to be a symbol of protection, bravery and loyalty.

In the wild, they fly in family units and if one falls behind or lands, the others will accompany it to ensure it’s safe and never left behind. We believe the Snow Goose embodies our unwavering dedication to be there for our patients and their families, providing care and support when they need it most.