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Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We are hugely grateful for the generous support we receive from a variety of Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

Grants help shape a variety of initiatives, from specific one-off projects or equipment to vitally important core funding that supports our nursing, care, and support staff to deliver outstanding care. Irrespective of size, every gift is unique and helps us improve our care and reach more people across North Hampshire.

We would like to thank the following Charitable Trusts for their recent support.

  • Chineham Parish Council
  • D J Robarts Charitable Trust
  • Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • Sir Jeremiah Colman Trust
  • Storck UK Ltd
  • The Albert Hunt Trust
  • The Bayfield Charitable Trust
  • The Clifton House Charitable Trust
  • The D’Oyly Charitable Trust
  • The Helen Robertson Charitable Trust
  • The Hospital Saturday Fund
  • The James Wise Charitable Trust
  • The Linbury Trust
  • The Mayhew Charitable Trust
  • The Wessex G.P Educational Trust

You can make a vital difference, and we would love to work with you.

Further Information

If you are a trustee or representative of a Charitable Trust and would like to support St. Michael’s Hospice or find out more about our work, please contact Laura Holmes on 01256 848875 or email