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Newsletter Summer 2020

The latest news on our care

Like Iain, it feels an age ago since our winter addition of our newsletter and whilst lots of great things have continued, it feels like we have all been consumed by Covid 19. It has undoubtedly been a difficult and challenging period for the all our clinical services. The focus in the beginning was to look at business continuity throughout of all our services and acknowledging required changes to some practices, some of which are alien in palliative care, some more opportunistic.

Known as being predictably unpredictable, Covid 19, has meant we have faced periods of uncertainty and change throughout the organisation. The emphasis on delivering safe, quality care has remained whilst identifying different ways of working – our staff have proven to be robust and remained flexible and committed.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our community supporters for their care and kindness shown to us during these particularly difficult times. The support received from our community was overwhelming and paid a huge part in keeping staff positive. We had daily deliveries of gifts, with messages of thanks. Between you all, you managed to supply us with visors, scrubs and uniform wash bags to help keep us safe, hampers of goodies, drinks and snacks to help us recharge, handcrafted angels and crochet bears to recognise our profession and these are to name but a few but all was gratefully received and made a difference to us here.

As we enter the restoration and recovery phase, we continue to strive to deliver safe, quality care to all our patients. To help us shape the new norm and find a way forward, a full review of what has worked well throughout this period is in progress. One of our greatest successes of recent months has been the introduction of virtual Yoga sessions, facilitated by one of our physiotherapists. This has proved very positive with patients and has enabled us to maintain contact. Feedback suggests this has been beneficial and stimulating both physically and mentally. It has opened the door to other new opportunities and plans are afoot to launch virtual symptom-control sessions. This will improve accessibility and help those who are otherwise too fatigued or breathless to attend an out-patient setting.

Until next time, keep safe.

Julie Spreadbury
Director of Patient Services

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