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Chaplaincy Service

At St. Michael’s Hospice, our holistic approach to care encompasses the whole person and aims not only to help with physical symptoms, but also to offer spiritual, psychological and emotional support. We recognise that, for some, coming into the Hospice can be a worrying experience and there will likely be all sorts of questions in their mind. Some may be immediate and practical. Others may be harder to put into words; things like ‘What does the future hold?’  ‘Why me?’ ‘Why now?’ or ‘What will happen to my family?’.

Our non-denominational Chaplain is a crucial member of the Hospice team and offers inclusive support and care for patients, relatives and friends. Whatever people’s beliefs, or non-beliefs, often what’s needed is someone who will keep them company during a trying time.

Our Chaplain is available for prayer and spiritual care as requested. We also understand that people may have specific religious needs and value the ministry of those from their own faith community. Should this be the case, our Chaplain will contact the patient’s own priest, pastor or minister, or put them in contact with a representative from any other faith or life stance. 

Our Chaplain is available in the Hospice at various times throughout the week and can visit patients at their request. This provides an opportunity for patients to speak to the Chaplain about anything that’s causing them concern, whether or not this is of a religious or spiritual nature. Any member of staff can make contact on the patient’s behalf.

The Quiet Space

Our quiet space at St. Michael’s Hospice is situated in a secluded area next to the In-Patient Unit and is open to anyone at any time. It is usually a very good place to be away from the activity of the ward. You may request a prayer on the Prayer Board and anyone is welcome to add the names of people for whom they wish prayers to be said.


Regular services are held in the Quiet Space. Times are displayed on the board outside the room. These simple services are ordinarily Christian, all are welcome to attend whatever their belief or non-belief.

Book of Remembrance

We invite relatives and friends to record an entry in St. Michael’s Hospice Book of Remembrance.  The book is kept in the Quiet Space.