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Why We Need Your Support

As a charity, our care is provided to our patients and their families free of charge. In 2019/20, it will cost over £5 million to provide these services to the local community with around 16% funding from the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group. We therefore need to generate a net contribution of £4.2 million from Fundraising, Gifts in Wills, Lottery and Retail activities to support patients and their families affected by life-limiting illness.

Next year, Hospice costs will rise - that's a fact.

The Fundraising Department of St. Michael's Hospice is constantly amazed and inspired by the generosity of you, our supporters, and find it especially touching how time and again you are able to think of the Hospice with a donation.

Whichever way you choose to support St. Michael's Hospice - for example, by placing coins in a collecting unit, cycling the Big Wheel, or fundraising at work -  your help is vital in ensuring we are able to provide our essential services to the community.

So, more than ever, we thank you for your contributions and ask that you continue to support St. Michael's Hospice.

If you would like to do something for the hospice and need a inspiration, please have a look at our fundraising ideas, from afternoon tea to wine and cheese evenings, there is plenty there. 

Further Information

Please give the Fundraising Hotline a call on 01256 848848 or email if you have any questions.