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Vice-Patrons of St. Michael’s Hospice

Each year we recognise a number of our most dedicated and outstanding fundraising supporters and invite them to become Vice-Patrons of St. Michael’s Hospice for the coming year. Our Vice-Patrons are all involved in supporting the Hospice in so many ways through different events, activities and campaigns. Thank you so much to the following supporters for your devotion and tireless support to St. Michael’s:

The Vice-Patrons of St. Michael’s Hospice 2020/21

Robert Applin

Paul Jenkins

Monika Balstone

Emma Knill

Nigel Bishop

Mark Lane

Debby Bridger

Mike Larby

Maria Bryant

Alfredo & Eileen Lavorgna

Steph Cameron

Jean Lynn

Hazel Cantoni

David  Mason

Tim Clayton

Stephen McAvoy

Alison Clement

Dulcie McCarthy

Lisa Constantinides

Rebecca McCoy

Alan Cook

Paul & Anne Mitchell

Mark Dolby

Stephen & Nicola Philpotts

Lynn Earle

Kathleen Pugh

Alex Edgson

Nicholas Roper

Mark Farrow-Smith

Hazel Shaw

Owen Ford

Carly Skillett

Zara Gee

Francesca Skillett

Pauline Gentry

Barry Smith

Heather Gilmour

Graham Watling

Clare Gould

Karen West

Tony & Jenny Green

Liam & Laura Williams

Danielle Hawkins

Kathy Wilson

Terry & Jeanne Hiscock


The Friends of St. Michael’s Hospice

The Rotary Club of Basingstoke

For more information about becoming a Vice Patron, please call Daisy Mitchell, Senior Fundraising Manager, on 01256 848853 or email