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What We Sell

A Large and Diverse Range Of Quality Items

All of our shops aim to sell a full range of quality, donated mens, ladies and childrens clothes, bric-a-brac, books, records, toys and unwanted gifts.


Our Hospice shops can recycle clothing, bags and footwear. Not all donated clothing is in a condition to sell, but we can still produce revenue from it. We also recycle 90kg of cardboard a week, and around 200 ink cartridges and toners a month. Not only is this a valuable source of income but it also has a positive impact on the environment as over 25 million litres of fossil fuel are consumed each year in the manufacture of these products, and an estimated 480 million used cartridges and toners go to landfill.

If you have old mobile phones lying around in drawers and cupboards, why not donate them to St. Michael's Hospice? We operate a scheme to recycle your old mobiles which can help us raise valuable funds. Simply drop off at any of our Hospice shops and we will send them away for recycling.

We also appreciate donations of old mobile phones from local businesses too, so if your company is able to help us, please let us know.

There is much potential in the future for raising extra funds through recycling. We are committed to finding new and innovative of ways to both support the Hospice and protect the environment, and we encourage as many people to take part in our recycling schemes as possible.

What We Cannot Sell

Unfortunately, for legislative and EEC Directives reasons, we cannot sell any of the following items:

  • Items which are dirty, broken or not in good condtion
  • Gas-operated appliances and goods
  • Electrical items that need to be hard-wired (i.e. not needing a 13amp plug)
  • White goods (fridges, freezers etc.)
  • Used safety items (car seats, helmets etc.)
  • Upholstered products and soft furnishings not displaying current fire retardant certification
  • Prams and pushchairs with less than a 5-point harness
  • Pushbikes that are not roadworthy
  • Skates, skateboards or roller blades
  • Pets and livestock

Please do not ask our volunteers to accept these goods, as it will result in extra expense for the Charity in disposing of the goods via approved contractors.

Further Information

If you have any questions about our shops, please contact Ann Schuster, Head of Retail on 01256 848884 or email