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Newsletter Summer 2020

It takes a village

It Takes A Village... There is an old proverb that it takes a village to raise a child and that same sentiment can be applied to hospice care. 

It is not just the brilliant care from doctors and nurses that our patients and families need but also the cups of tea, roast dinners, marathon runners, gardeners, cleaners, donation sorters and collection tin holders who all go into creating a safe, calm, warm and loving environment.

And sometimes it takes the most surprising things. Who would have thought that this year we would need an army of stichers to make masks, wash bags and scrubs (like the beautiful ones in the photo which we were able to donate to the Basingstoke Hospital's neonatal ward), that we would receive pizza and breakfast deliveries, and delight in seeing our supporters through virtual quizzes, listen to online music concerts and get to know everyone's dogs during Hospice Hounds.

We don't want to let the year pass either without telling the story of our knitted doctors and nurses. Back towards the end of last year, one of our Health Care assistants, Emma, wondered if it might be nice if we could offer knitted toys to children to go in with their memory boxes and that it would also be nice if those toys could be doctors and nurses.

We weren’t sure how we could manage it, but Marketing Manager Jill Livermore popped a post onto Facebook on a quiet Friday afternoon and we waited to see what would happen. Almost immediately the post took off, reaching over 16,500 people all across the world and giving Jill a very busy weekend replying to all the incredible comments that came in. The offers of help weren’t just local either, with messages coming in from Germany, Ireland and Canada and we even had a request from South Africa with someone wanting to make the same dolls for children orphaned by AIDS who she works with who are often very traumatised by their experiences in hospital.

We took a photocopy of some patterns and soon the doctors and nurses had started to arrive. They were an instant hit with every single one was quickly adopted and we found out that was not only children who wanted to treasure them but many of our patients as well.

So, while it quite literally takes millions of pounds to run the Hospice, it also takes extraordinary amounts of kindness and we want to thank everyone who so generously poured their love into supporting us.



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