Family Support Services

The Family Support Team are a group of St Michael’s staff and volunteers here to support family members through the terminal illness of a loved one, including bereavement support. 

The type of support offered is based on individual circumstances and will vary from person-to-person to ensure their needs are met completely.

St. Michael’s Hospice is proud to offer:

One-to-One Support: One-to-one support sessions are to help people readjust to life after the loss of a loved one. Although many of the emotions during times of grief are commonly felt, they can also be unique to every person. Having the opportunity to talk about thoughts and feelings in an environment of understanding, warmth and undivided attention can help many people find the inner strength to move on and come to terms with their situation.

Group Support: Our Bereavement Support evenings provide an opportunity to meet with others experiencing loss, in a caring and supportive atmosphere. It can be comforting to know that you are not alone in your feelings and, being able to meet others who are facing a similar situation, can be a positive step in coping with loss.

Complementary Therapy: St. Michael's Hospice Complementary Therapy Service offers a range of therapies to bereaved families that have been referred by the Bereavement Team. For more information, please read more about our Complementary Therapy Service.

The above is an overview of the bereavement services that are available at St. Michael’s Hospice. If you require any help concerning bereavement and/or wish to talk to someone, please call the Hospice on 01256 844744 and ask for Family Support Services.

Next Step for Bereaved People

Next Step is a Bereavement Support Group that offers to help any adult who has lost a loved one. The group gives the opportunity for new and existing members to talk on a one-to-one basis with volunteers who have experience or a background in working with bereaved people.

Meetings are held on the first three Wednesday mornings of the month at Glebe Hall, Church Street, Basingstoke.  For more information and meeting times, please call 01256 780095 (not 24 hours) or email