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The Friends of St. Michael's

Formed in 1989 by Valerie Buckley, The Friends of St. Michael’s Hospice continues to generate vital income to support St. Michael’s Hospice today.

Originally it was thought ‘The Friends’ would exist for only two years; their purpose was to support the Mayoral appeal led by then-Mayor Margaret Weston to generate the income needed to build an adult hospice for North Hampshire. The original twenty-two members were selected for their unique and varied skills, as well as the passion and drive needed to support the fundraising challenge.

The years have seen members come and go but an original few still play a vital role more than 25 years later. Today, The Friends are as committed to their fundraising activities as ever and organise a wide variety of annual events including:

  • Clay pigeon shoot
  • Children’s tennis tournament
  • Lunch/dinner with bridge
  • Golf tournament and dinner
  • Art shows
  • Lectures from a variety of guest speakers
  • Musical evenings
  • Antiques roadshow and fair
  • Jazz events
  • Garden open days
  • Christmas carol concert
  • Christmas Gift Fair

If you would like further information on The Friends, or any of their activities, please contact Jane Lyons, Chair of The Friends, at

The Friends Committee comprises:

  • Val Buckley
  • Judy Chetwood
  • Bounce Heald
  • Susannah Livingstone Booth
  • Clare Longfield
  • Jane Lumley
  • Jane Lyons
  • Joy MacAndrew
  • Tia May
  • Trisha Rock
  • Clare Rutherford
  • Gemma Scott Knight
  • Suzie Scott-Malden
  • Harriet Southgate
  • Sarah Wallis
  • Stella Wildsmith
  • Ginny Young