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Amazing stories that truly celebrate life.

We are inspired every day by our patients and their families. Follow the links on this page to read some of their lovely stories.

Jim Skillett

In 1996 I had the ‘perfect’ family, I was married to a wonderful, caring man who worked hard to provide for his family and had 3 wonderful children. Life could not get any better!

Anna Irwin

My beautiful sister sadly got diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer in April 2016, which devastatingly, was terminal.

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Steve and Nicola Philpotts

Once upon a time, over ten years ago, we didn’t know each other existed. However, we were both volunteering on the In-Patient Unit (IPU) at St. Michael's Hospice on alternate Sunday evenings.

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Lucretia Perry

Max Bygraves used the catch phrase “I wanna tell you a story” to great effect and  I would very much like to tell you my story about a group of truly caring and wonderful ladies.

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Malcolm Newman

"Just Keep Swimming": The 10 Lessons Grief and Running (and Disney) have taught me.

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Jill Mason

Three months have now passed since my family lost my mum, Jill. They say time is a healer, but as each day passes we slowly learn to cope without her. It’s not been easy I can assure you, but it is not a process that I could ever have envisaged going through without the support of the Hospice.

Reflections on my Father

It will be fifteen years this month since my father died, aged 62, at St. Michael’s Hospice. I have been reflecting on my life over this time, and the many things that have happened, in one way or another, had a significant impact for me. 


Our darling Virginia, devoted wife to my father, Michael and beloved mother to my dearest younger sister, Katie, and I, was an energetic and vivacious 60 year old the year she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. After suffering with a constant, nagging back pain, which we all initially put down to her love of gardening, a stint in hospital, followed by various tests confirmed our worse fears. Incurable cancer. We didn’t see it coming. Who does?

Living Life, Dying Well

No-one ever truly believes that “it” – the bad stuff in life – will really ever happen to them. Every time you hear of someone else’s misfortune or sad news, be that a diagnosis of cancer or some other life-changing experience, you will offer sympathy, practical help and support with the underlying relief that this time at least, it isn’t happening to you or someone you love.

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Julie Sutton

Julie and I had been married for 11 years, we had a gorgeous 7 year old son, and life seemed good. I had all the things people strive for these days, a well-paid job, a great house and a strong family. Sadly, things were about to change.

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Emma's Butterflies

When I first started dating Emma in early 2010, running was a major part of her life. Having turned 30 the year before, Emma had persuaded her best friend that they should run a marathon. Over the forthcoming weeks, Emma then earned a reputation of being a very keen but somewhat clumsy runner.

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A True Story

It’s a quiet evening in the hospice and the room is peaceful now my client’s family have left, although usually conversations weave about the room during massage sessions. As death approaches, the small details of life – the cat’s exploits, the flowers in the garden and ‘do you remember Uncle Bill’s friend Sally?’ – all grow in importance.

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