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VOICES Survey 2020

Listening to feedback on the care patients and their families receive from St. Michael’s Hospice has always been a key priority and is actively encouraged.  One way in which we obtain feedback is through the VOICES questionnaire which is sent to the patient’s next of kin 10 weeks post-bereavement.  The aim of the survey is to gather feedback on the patient and relatives experience of the Inpatient Unit and/or the Hospice at Home team.

Between January and December 2020, a total of 197 questionnaires were issued and during the same period, 89 questionnaires were returned giving a response rate of 45%.

We are delighted that in 2020, 100% of those taking part in the survey reported that they were either likely or extremely likely to recommend the Hospice to their friends or family if they needed similar care or treatment.

Key Findings:

Inpatient Unit

  • 100% agreed that there was enough help available to meet the patient’s personal care needs.
  • 97.5% agreed there was enough help with nursing care such as giving medicine.
  • 100% agreed that the bed and surrounding environment had adequate privacy for the patient.
  • 86% felt that the patient had received enough emotional support.
  • 84% felt that the patient had received enough support with the relief of symptoms other than pain.
  • 86% felt that the patient’s pain was relieved completely all or some of the time.
  • 85% felt that they were always kept informed about the patient’s condition.
  • 92% felt the patient was always treated with respect and dignity by the doctors.
  • 95% felt that the patient was always treated with respect and dignity by the nurses.
  • 93% felt that the care by the nurse was exceptional.


Hospice at Home Team

  • 83% felt that the service was offered to them at the right time.
  • 78% said they could always see a nurse as often as it was needed.
  • 94% felt that the patient received enough emotional support.
  • 86% felt that the patient’s pain was relieved completely all or some of the time.
  • 87% of relatives felt that they got as much support as they wanted.
  • 92% felt there was good communication with other professionals and care was well managed.
  • 99% felt that the patient was treated with respect and dignity all of time.
  • 95% felt that the care they received from the team was excellent or exceptional.
  • 96% said they were involved as much as they wanted in decisions about care and treatment.



  • 82% of patients said where they would like to die.
  • 77% of these patients said they would prefer to die at home.
  • 57% died in his/her own home.
  • 21% of these patients said they would prefer to die at the hospice.
  • 38% died in the hospice.
  • 92% thought the patient had enough choice about where they died.
  • 98% of relatives on balance, thought their loved one had died in the right place.



The VOICES Survey forms an essential part of St. Michael’s Hospice quality assurance programme. Relative feedback on the service that they and their loved one received provides reassurance that we are meeting the needs of our users as well as identifying areas for development.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to share their voice during 2020.

  • All the care was excellent and the transition for going home was amazing thank you so much.

  • Enjoyed having meals with my husband. Excellent food, staff catered very generously to all our needs.

  • Good that as a visitor I could get drinks and cake. Pleasant gardens, reception staff very friendly.

  • I personally felt that the readiness of the staff to keep the bed clean and tidy was exceptional. Towels washed and sheets/linen constantly reorganised was so lovely and it was never too much trouble.

  • The support was offered at the time we needed it and we were made to feel as though we could have as much time as we wanted or needed- they were OUTSTANDING.

  • My husband and I were extremely pleased with the amount of time given at each visit. The nurses never seemed in a hurry- this was so much appreciated.

  • We had the team in for less than 48 hours, but they were professional, kind and did everything I could have asked for. Including talking things through with our children.

  • Fantastic care received by community palliative care team.

  • Nurses always came when they were needed and were always at the end of the phone for advice.

  • I would love to see some of the nurses again as I could never thank them enough for what they have done for me!