Therapeutic Day Services

The aim of Therapeutic Day Services

St. Michael’s Hospice Day Services offers patients support with issues that may arise as a result of their condition. Patients can experience a variety of complications ranging from physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological problems. The aim for those attending Day Services is to manage symptoms, gain confidence at home (by assessing personal needs) and improve overall quality of life.

Therapeutic Day Services runs on Fridays in the Hospice. It is managed by a team of healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.  Transportation to/from the Hospice can be provided free of charge.

A welcoming, relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere provides patients with care and companionship outside the home.  It gives access to other members of the multi-disciplined team and enables patients' carers to have a break. 

Patients attending will have the opportunity to find out more about the types of support available and which would be most appropriate for their individual needs. A dedicated team is on-hand to support patients throughout the entire process.

Services on Friday may include:

  • Pain and symptom control
  • Help and advice with benefits and financial matters
  • Help with practical matters such as home adaptations
  • Breathlessness support
  • Creative therapy activities
  • Practical and psychological support in dealing with the impact of illness and treatment
  • Information about complementary therapies to support a person’s well-being
  • Relaxation and exercise to help improve overall health

St. Michael’s Hospice Therapeutic Day Services is designed for those who are being looked after at home, but are able to go out for at least part of the day. It is also available to patients staying in our In-Patient Unit who meet the required criteria.

Referral to St. Michael’s Hospice Therapeutic Day Services is via a healthcare professional, such as a GP, hospital doctor, community or specialist nurse.