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Giving In Memory

Losing a loved one or someone special can be difficult. Everyone experiences grief in different ways but we hope that some comfort may be found knowing that they received the best possible care from our dedicated team of staff and volunteers here at St. Michael’s Hospice. 

In times of great sadness, choosing to give in memory of a loved one or someone special can be a real comfort. Giving in memory of friends and family is a wonderful tribute and ensures we can continue to make a difference to our patients and their families, now and in the future. There are lots of different ways to give in memory and we are on hand to support in any way we can.

Personalised Gift Aid Envelopes

We can provide you with personalised envelopes for collections at a funeral or memorial service. Envelopes are discreet and enable your friends and family to ‘Gift Aid’ their donation at no extra cost, meaning we can increase the value by 25%. 

To request some personalised envelopes, please click here to complete a short form or contact

In Memory Of envelope

If you wish we can also provide you with a collection bucket (Please note, we cannot gift aid donations from buckets), banners or other supporting materials.

Online Giving in Memory

There are now lots of different sites you can set up a tribute fund with. Our personal favourite is Much Loved as it allows you the flexibility to personalise your page with pictures, messages, light virtual candles and make donations.  

Much Loved allows your friends and family to gift aid their donations and we receive the funds automatically saving you time. If you would like to set up a page and need any assistance, please contact


Family members and friends can often organise flowers for the funeral. If you wish and when you’re ready, we are very happy to accept donations of flowers from funerals. Our volunteers use these flowers to create the beautiful floral arrangements around the Hospice which we know brings joy to our patients and visitors. This can be arranged via your funeral director.

Please note: we are unable to accept donations of flowers at this time.

Remembrance Services

You may wish to join our Sunflower Celebration in June and Light up a Life event in December. Both the services offer you the chance to join us at the Hospice to remember those precious memories with your loved one.

Please see our events calendar for details of upcoming remembrance services. 

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors are always happy and willing to assist you in making donations in memory of your loved one. Usually they can organise personalised envelopes for you through us, or alternatively will provide you with a bucket which either you or they can collect after the funeral or memorial service. If you wish to make donations via your funeral director, please allow more time for us to arrange for a thank you letter to be sent to you.

Memory Tree

Dedicating a leaf on our memory tree is a wonderful way to let your memories of a loved one live on. Our Memory Tree is located very close to the main reception at St. Michael’s Hospice and you would be welcome to visit at any time taking time to reflect on those special memories. For more details on dedicating a leaf on our tree, please click here.

Memory Tree


Regular Gifts

Every pound you give helps us care for more patients and their families every day. Making a regular gift to St. Michael’s Hospice, however big or small, allows us to plan for the future with regular support that we can rely upon. By making a regular donation, it also provides the opportunity to gift aid your donation increasing the value by 25% at no extra cost. To set up your regular donation, please click here.